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December 15, 2022
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December 15, 2022

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Find out what is the Violence Against Women Act, VAWA?This paper will have a minimum of three typed double-spaced pages and a page with a minimum of three citations, using the style of your choice.  Include the following information using a narrative manner:What is the Violence Against Women Act-VAWA?  Who and when introduced this Act?  Who is protected under this Act?Who is more likely to be a victim of domestic violence, men, women, young, old, etc.?What other types of abuse are likely to occur together with domestic violence, for instance, control of finances, isolation from friends or family.What are the consequences for victims of domestic violence and others who witness the violence—children, other adults, the perpetrator?Based on what you have learned about DV; do you think VAWA is necessary or sufficient to protect victims? Why or why not? What should be done about the perpetrators of DV?What are your final thoughts about VAWA?In red is the question. It is a 3 pages paper and with a reference page of at least 3 citations. I’d like it to be a good paper and if you need anything clarification please let me know.

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