writing a business memo 2 pages 1

can you write a two to three paragrapgh on these literate pieces
March 21, 2021
please read the post and reply 1
March 21, 2021

writing a business memo 2 pages 1

Review the case study “Working as a Cross-Cultural Team” in your textbook (Pg. 60-61). In a memo to me, explain how the team demonstrated characteristics that successful teams share.

Before you write your memo, review some of the characteristics that successful teams share (See Pg. 51-58). Write on the assumption of being the manager of the team (an outsider who observed the team dynamics). Your memo subject-line is succinct, short, and clear – identifying the given task. Effective report subject-lines are approximately one line/one sentence long.

After the introductory paragraph, for each ensuing paragraph — underline your topic sentence. Preferably begin each paragraph with a topic sentence. In addition, you may use sub-headings as well. You need not have sub-headings; but you must have topic sentences. Review the additional reading material on topic sentences in the Course Materials folder. Do not quote entire sections of the case-study as evidence.

Prepare Memo #1 as a report in and of itself. In other words, begin the body of your report
below the memo heading. Memo #1 will be two pages.

  • Remember to use single space within paragraphs and double space between paragraphs. Use sub-headings as necessary.
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