writing about human 4 1 2 Writing homework help

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March 8, 2023
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March 8, 2023

writing about human 4 1 2 Writing homework help

TO know what the writing about read fill = What to do

The writing requires using 5 sources which they are on fill= sources

– There is no introduction paragraph start with thesis and 2 supporting ideas. my thesis is choose A you will see when you read what to do fill. Make sure to underline the thesis and number the 2 supporting ideas

– My thesis is Search for Truth and the supporting ideas 1- Recognize one’s ignorance 2- Commit to a life of self-examination

– Do not start any paragraph with the philosophy name , start with the idea that connect with thesis and supporting ideas

– It should be 4 1/2 pages

– Focus about the ideas and support it by the sources not the opposite

-Focus about this point please You need to state how the works enhances your sense of what it means to be human. What have these works taught you about our human nature?

– Do not use pronouns or the Word “things”

– no need to references just show which philosophy and work you talk about from the sources fill

– Read what to do fill carefully

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