Writing on education from journal articles Educational Research help

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March 10, 2023
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March 10, 2023

Writing on education from journal articles Educational Research help

here are 3 topics that each need 2

paragraphs per topic and each of those two paragraphs must have have in

text APA citing and if you will sent the URL I will make the reference

page. No cover page is needed, but it must total 2 complete pages.

EXCELLENT AMERICAN ENGLISH is the only form accepted. Each topic must

relate to education. You must include and introduction and a

conclusion. Please make sure you follow these instructions because if

you do not follow the instructions you will not you will not be paid

and another tutor will be hired.

Topics of which you will write 2 paragraphs each on are – do not forget the intro and conclusion as well

Date Analysis and Interpretation

Preparing a Research Report

Critiquing research

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