writting stragegies help

Musical Time Period Paper 3-5pages
January 14, 2021
wycliff osuto
January 14, 2021

writting stragegies help

Due 5/15/15 – no work cited from wikipedia , no plagirism due 5/15/15


Read the original passage (below) and then read the sample paraphrases. Determine which paraphrase was written most accurately. Before making your decision, determine if both wording and sentence structure were altered and check to see if all of the original points were included and if the original meaning was retained.

Write a short (1-2 page, double spaced = 300-600 words) explanatory paper that discusses your choice concerning which sample paraphrase was written most accurately.  Support your selection with examples.

Original passage:

Statements that seem complimentary in one context may be inappropriate in another. For example, women in business are usually uncomfortable if male colleagues or superiors compliment them on their appearance: the comments suggest that the women are being treated as visual decoration rather than as contributing workers” (p. 323).

—Locker, K. O. (2003). Business and administrative communication (6th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Irwin/McGraw-Hill.

Paraphrase A:
Words or expressions which appear favorable in one situation might be improper in a different situation. For instance, employed females are often uneasy when they are given positive comments on their looks. These remarks imply that the females are being viewed as adornment instead of as productive employees (Locker, 2003).

Paraphrase B:
Women may feel uneasy upon receiving ordinarily positive comments on their appearance from male coworkers or supervisors. To these women, the remarks carry an implied meaning: instead of being thought of as productive employees, they are actually being viewed as just a pretty part of the atmosphere. Depending on the situation, words or expressions which appear favorable may actually be unsuitable in a conversation (Locker, 2003).

Paraphrase C:
Some statements may be inappropriate in one context, even though they are complimentary in another. Compliments by male colleagues or superiors regarding a female coworker’s appearance, for example, often make the woman feel uncomfortable. Instead of treating the women as contributing workers, men obviously think of them as visual decoration (Locker, 2003).


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