Big data benefits to customers computer science homework help

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March 11, 2023
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March 11, 2023

Big data benefits to customers computer science homework help

Big Data is used globally to benefit consumers. The benefits are in healthcare, financial services and transportation. First write about the applications of Big Data in these three areas. Then identify very large datasets that are available in these areas that could be used in Big Data applications. For example, driverless cars and trucks are being tested heavily by many major companies such as Google, Uber, Tesla and all the auto manufacturers.

This is a Bonus Report, which means that it is optional for you to work on this. Any points you earn for this report will not affect the maximum points that you can earn.

For writing this report you should check both print and online resources. You may use any information from newspapers, only to the extent that you can corroborate them from other reliable sources. Your report should have an abstract, section headings and conclusion. Follow the guidelines in the syllabus for preparing the report. The report should be submitted by midnight on the due date to the SafeAssignment link on Blackboard. Several minutes after submission you should be able to see the originality Report in Blackboard under the column “Matching” for your submission. Include 5 to 10 references and list the reference details such as author(s), volume, page numbers, year of publication or web link, as the case may be. Do not collaborate with any other student in class in writing this report. I am looking for your analysis of the information that you present and so any item quoted should be brief. If the originality report shows a match of more than 15% then I will consider the report to be not your work and deduct points accordingly. If the originality report shows a match of 50% or more then I will consider the report to be plagiarized and will take appropriate actions, including assigning an F grade for the course and/or reporting the matter to the appropriate authorities at TSU as mentioned in the syllabus.

Hint: Abstract should be brief and to the point. It should highlight what is in the paper. See the textbook for samples of Abstracts. It should not be confused with an introduction. Your report need not have keywords, which are used for indexing purpose.

Guidelines on References:

  • The idea of references is that the reader should be able to locate the reference item using the information provided in the paper. So, the reference citation should be complete. You can see the references cited in the book for format.
  • Use reliable sources such as major companies (IBM, AT&T, Google, etc)
  • Do not use textbook as a reference source
  • Recommended Books may be used as references if you are able to identify which part in those you want to use
  • Do not use any newspaper sources (NY Times, Wall Street Journal, Huffington Post, etc)
  • Do not use sources such as Wikipedia,,, etc
  • Note that as a student at TSU you can get help from the Library to obtain papers using the Inter Library Loan feature. Library also has several books and ebooks. Contact library for help.
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