Choose a parent who has raised children and who has experienced parenthood writing homework help

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March 9, 2023
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March 9, 2023

Choose a parent who has raised children and who has experienced parenthood writing homework help

Choose 10-12 questions for the interview. Choose a parent who has raised children and who has experienced parenthood at least through the teen years. Do not choose your parent.

Education for Parenthood

FCS 328

Parent Interview

  1. Introduction of Parent
  2. Parent Interview— Give questions and answers—Sample Questions
    1. What are your viewpoints on spanking and punishment? What age is appropriate for spanking?
    2. If you child was to use profanity what action would you take?
    3. What type of media would you allow your child to be exposed to?
    4. How would you address your children on peer pressure?
    5. How would you react to your child concerning teenage pregnancy?
    6. What values would you like to instill in your children?
    7. How would you react if your child were to say they were homosexual?
    8. How do you monitor your child’s video games?
    9. How has religion influenced your parenting?
    10. How did you talk to your children about discrimination?
    11. How did you talk to your child about sex? At what age did you start talking to them about sex?
    12. What is the difference in the methods you used in raising your children and the way you were raised?
    13. How involved were you in your child’s education?
    14. Could you have used a parenting education course when you were raising your children? Explain
    15. What kind of relationship do you have with your children?
    16. Were you able to avoid favoritism in raising your children? If so How? If not what were the circumstances?
    17. What advice would you give young parents today?
    18. What did you do for family time or recreation with the children?
    19. If you had it to do over again would you have children?
    20. What has been the hardest obstacle you have faced as a parent?
    21. Do you think that society has too much influence on how children are being raised?
    22. How do you feel about prayer being taken out of school?
    23. What have you learned about being a parent?
    24. Are your parenting skills different from your own children vs. your stepchildren? Explain
    25. What are the advantages & disadvantages of being a single parent?
    26. What are your views on male and female gender roles?
    27. How did the relationship with your parents affect your parenting?

III. Reaction to Interview— Express what you learned from the interview. Needs to be a minimum of 400 words

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