Literature  Week 5 – Disc 1
May 14, 2023
Literature  Final Paper
May 14, 2023

Literature  Ethical Analysis Paper

CHECK ATTACHED FILE!!!The focus of this project is Ethical Analysis, judgment and logical thinking with argumentation.·         Use at least two Bible references.·         Include references for any sources used in relation to any content provided and summarized.·         4-5 pagesInstructions of the paper:1.       Formulate the ethical dilemma to be resolved.2.       Identify the ethical issues and significant points of analysis.3.       Articulate a position to take, by introducing the directives that you will use to resolve this case.4.       Use either a deontological or character approach to ethical reasoning.5.       Use the Christian faith and Christian values explicitly, as you make your judgment in alignment with the chosen theory of ethics.6.       Explain the points of your analysis in language appropriate to the ethics theory’s view of ethical content and the Christian faith as you go over the case.7.       Provide persuasive arguments as to why your position is ethically good and good for business.8.       The essay should be well organized by the thesis and the introduced approach to your analysis.9.       Define terms and briefly explain the theories when you refer to them.10.   Insightfulness: elaborate on and develop your insights.

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