Literature  Ethical Analysis Paper
May 14, 2023
May 14, 2023

Literature  Final Paper

This assignment will be submitted to Turnitin®.InstructionsLearning Outcome:The student shall be able to write a structured paper that incorporates research and engages in an analysis of the literary movement, author, or text(s) within African American literature since 1746.Instructions:For your Final Paper you will write about a topic of your choosing related to the following eras in African American Literature:1746-1865 (Spirituals, Slave Narratives)1865-1940 (Reconstruction Era, Harlem Renaissance)African American Literature since 1940 (Civil Rights, Black Manhood, #MeToo)Your essay may focus on a particular theme or time period, or you may present an original critical argument that either challenges or supports a philosophy or point of view presented by 2-3 of the assigned authors.  **Note that whatever topic you choose, the primary texts for your argument must be what was assigned in the course for discussions. Your essay must include direct references to the assigned material. DO NOT USE BACKGROUND READINGS OR OUTSIDE SOURCES.Some examples of topics with suggested texts:The Role of Religion in Slavery (Douglass, Jacobs)Desire for Freedom (All assigned slave narratives, King)#Me Too and the Right to Virtue (Jacobs, K.D. Smith)The Reconstruction of African American Culture (Chesnutt, Washington, DuBois)Requirements1500-2000 wordsYour work must be formatted and documented in MLAView  BC Online Resources and Services for information on how to cite using MLADirectly quote from all sources used in the writing of the essayA Works Cited page must be includedSubmit your file in .docx, .doc, or .pdf format onlyYour work must be submitted by the date and time on the course schedule of the syllabus. Please try to submit your work ahead of deadline in case of technical issues as assignments will not be accepted via emailReview the rubric to see how your paper will be graded.

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