Literature  Nature writing
May 14, 2023
Literature  Slavery and Freedom Movie
May 14, 2023

Literature  Review 3

Be prepared to answer in-depth questions on all of the following. You may want to review the rubric (on the Grading Rubrics section of our course menu).In your textbook:Hurston, Zora Neale. “The Trial of Ruby McCollum” (pp. 512-523)Webb, Jack. “The Black Dahlia” (pp. 524-535)Dunne, Dominick. “Nightmare on Elm Dr.” (pp. 737-774)Brannon, W.T. “Eight Girls” (pp. 578-609)Allen DeFord, Miriam. “Superman’s Crime” (pp. 557-577)Breslin, Jimmy. “Son of Sam” (662-667)Moser, Don. “The Pied Piper of Tucson” (pp. 610-626)Other readings:Bowden, Mark. “The Body in Room 348″Garrett, George. “Then and Now: ‘In Cold Blood’ Revisited”Gansberg, Martin. “37 Who Saw Murder”Questions will be posted on 07/24/2020 Friday, will need the answers to the review question in 90 mins.

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