quiz 3964877 2

Give an overview of the diagnosis including risk factors and how they cause or contribute to adaptation or pathogenesis.  
January 12, 2021
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January 12, 2021

quiz 3964877 2

Using our course readings and the discussion postings, answer the following questions.    Be sure to back up your answers with facts from our readings and discussions.    Provide the name of the source (reading title/author and/or discussion title/author) for all your facts/statements.    No need to provide a formal citation.  Don’t just list all your sources at the end of your answer.   Integrate your sources into your responses.   You need to show which source provided which portion of your response.   No direct quotes.   All writing is to be in your own words.     Be sure to put your name on your quiz so I know who it belongs to when I print for grading.   Your responses may be single or double spaced, but please use times new roman font size 12 and retain 1 inch margins all around.   


1.      Explain the connection between technology and progress using our readings and the consensus of your classmates in the week 1 discussion.   (20 points)

2.      From our readings and discussions, identify 3 key technologies (1 each from the West, Far East, and Middle East/Africa), which occurred before the end of the Middle Ages.   Where did each develop?   What was the purpose?  What impact did each technology have (or might it have had) on those living at the time.   Do you see any connection between these technologies and what we have today?   DO NOT USE MORE THAN ONE TECHNOLOGY YOU YOURSELF MENTIONED IN THE DISCUSSIONS.  (30 points) 

3.      Explain what is meant by southernization in at least 100 words.   (10 points)

4.      During which century of the Middle Ages did you feel that technology was most influential?  Why?  Consider the lifestyles of those covered in our reading, Medieval People, and the related discussion topic.   (10 points)

5.      How and where did education develop over the centuries?   How did it differ from education today?    (10 points)

10 points – writing, grammar, format, and use of sources.   Be sure to use complete sentences and proofread carefully. 



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