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March 12, 2023
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March 12, 2023

Religion of the World philosophy homework help

1.) One of the benefits of a survey course on World Religions is being exposed to different belief systems and cultural practices throughout the world. For the final Discuss post, please reflect on what you have learned regarding any of the topics covered from Units 1-5. Identify at least three insights that summarize and illustrate how your perspectives have changed in light of the course. How has learning about other religious traditions challenged you or helped you to appreciate your own religious tradition? Are there any useful or relevant insights for your educational or professional career moving forward? (400 words)

2.) I find it interesting, whether it has been philosophical or religious beliefs, how many of the traditions of the groups we have learned about are so similar. How must a “Christian” appreciate other views and still share what they believe is true, in the mist of similar teachings and practices that are offered to a different God? In other words, has what you learned about other religions affected your own beliefs? If so, how?

Many resist being challenged and are content with being a Christian and refuse to open up to really consider other people’s beliefs. If that’s you, why is there hesitation or disinterest in trying to understand other religions? ( 200 words)

Answer needs to be separated from each other.

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