Solving Right Triangles in Everyday Life homework help

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March 16, 2023
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March 16, 2023

Solving Right Triangles in Everyday Life homework help

Solving Right Triangles in Everyday Life (part one on own paper)

ind a real-life example in which you need to solve a right triangle.
Create a Word document that contains the following elements:
Explain the situation and demonstrate how you use trigonometry to solve the problem.
Include all the relevant information, so that other learners can understand the situation.
Demonstrate all of the relevant steps in solving the problem.

Modeling Using an Exponential Equation (part two on own paper)
Word document. Your document should be less than one page in length. Include the following elements from your discussion post:
Present a situation in which there is an exponential increase or decrease of a quantity.
Describe the situation in detail.
Provide a formula of how the quantity depends on time.
Use the formula to address various questions related to the situation. (For example, you could compute the half-life or doubling time of the quantity.)
Demonstrate and explain all the steps in the calculations you perform. Note that in this section you need not work with actual data; nevertheless, you should come up with a realistic model for a real-world situation.

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