The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams

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February 13, 2021
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February 13, 2021

The Glass Menagerie Tennessee Williams


You are the Producer for the play and production of “The Glass Menagerie” by Tennessee Williams. Your final presentation is in the form of a proposal and must include graphics and images. You must convince the Board of Directors (other students in the course), why they should produce this play as a part of their theatre season. The play is your product to sell. Follow the Guidelines for Final Project Proposal below.

1.Prepare a persuasive rationale (proposal) for production of that play in a theatrical season. You must convince the Board of Directors (the other students in the class), why they should include and produce your play.

a.Select a theatre, this could be a real or hypothetical theatre venue; educational, community, or professional theatre (including Broadway).

b.Include a description of the theatre and the circumstances of its producing arm (how much money do they generate and/or how many and what kind of plays do they do); the potential audience (be specific), and then you can tailor your presentation accordingly.

c.Your proposal should present a clear and convincing argument for your chosen theatre, to include this play in its production season.

2. The rationale for producing the play should include the following:

a.Artistic reasons to include and produce the play.

b.Historical and/or educational reasons to include this play in the production season.

c.A production concept for the play, which should include a budget that is feasible within the overall operating budget of the theatre that will be producing your play.

d.Marketing concepts for the planned production

Students should realize that they are selling a product that just happens to be a production of a play. Enjoy the process, think outside the box. You are a Producer. It is a business. Your product is the play.

  • Presentation should be done is Power Point.
  • Presentation should be between 15-20 slides including title and reference slide.
  • Include at least 3 APA formatted references.
  • Presentation should be aesthetically pleasing with proper grammar and punctuation. It should also include pictures and diagrams with a credit as to where the image was retrieved from and the web address if applicable.
  • Transitions and sound are not necessary.
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